It has always been my belief that gardening is beneficial for everyone. I believe that having a children's garden teaches them the fragility of life and that nurturing will have its' benefits. If children grow fruits and vegetables, the reward is in eating the results of their labours, for example growing Sweet Million or Sungold tomatoes will allow them to pick and eat the sweet tender fruit. This experience will be embedded in their minds, a memory that will last a lifetime.

The tactile memories of bunny ears, a thorn, of soil on their hands or mud between their toes becomes ingrained forever.

Combine this with the smell of sage (turkey dressing), oregano (pizza) or the peppery taste of nasturtium flowers will be with all of us forever. These memories are used when designing gardens for individuals with Alzheimer's.

Gardening has been used for a long time to increase the circulation and mobility of the elderly and individuals with physical disabilities.

The responsibility and nurturing aspects of gardening is being used in the treatment of all kinds of addictions.

In short gardening is good for whatever ails you. If you need further proof just had someone a pair of secateurs and watch what happens.
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