Garden Art

Gone are the days when plastic pink flamingos were considered garden art. Plastic pink flamingos are now relegated to the ranks of the practical joke.  In fact even with a failed attempt in the early 90’s to revive the garden gazing balls they have been relegated to the realm of the tacky.  This is not unusual if you are old enough to remember when black velvet art and paintings of big-eyed children were all the rage.

As in all things beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  This means what you choose to add to your garden should compliment the setting and contribute to the theme. This does not mean that the separate rooms in your garden cannot have different themes like the rooms in an art museum.

I offer the following recent pictures as garden art in today’s garden.  I doubt that you will like them all but remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

SnailFamilyA AGood_SnailWelcomeTo TheOnlyGoodDeer OrientalLantern AutomobileArt

BugsBunny BigTongue

Aligator SpotedTurtle MetalSunflower INUKSUK

LadyintheGardenA LadyinthemirrorA

CattleSkull LanternJugDaddyLongLegSpider UtensilMobileScarecrow Dragoonfly1 SkinnyLady DonkeyCart

GreenButterfly ButterflyWindChime BlueTolietSheep HockeySkates

GardenAngel WoodenSculpture

GirlBasket Gazingball

Cherub FossilArt

PrettyGnome AndyCapp1

Garden art has evolved into real art paintings, weather proofed to decorate your outdoor garden living area.

Outdoor_Art_Floral_Patch Outdoor_Art_Provence

O.K. so which one(s) would you put in your garden?

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