An Encyclopedia of Cultivated Palms — Book Review

by Robert Lee Riffle & Paul Craft
528 pp, 929 colour photos, hardcover
ISBN:  0-88192-558-6

This book is an essential reference for gardeners, horticulturalists, and palm enthusiasts who wish to include these plants, as well as other tropical landscape specimens, in their gardens.

Approximately 890 species are described in detail, including cold hardiness, water needs, height, and any additional specific requirements.  Also included is history about the plants, ethnobotany and biology, as well as a comprehensive glossary of scientific name pronunciation.

There are more than 900 exquisite photographs complementing the rich text, providing the reader with a first-hand view, as well as practical guidelines for growing these fantastic plants.  Readers will devour the luscious palm selections, showing their varied foliage texture, leaf colour, and habitat size.  Palm enthusiasts will be sure to look at this resource, time and time again for information.

I wish I had this book when I was teaching Indoor Plants at the College. Five stars is a conservative rating.

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