Again with my heartfelt thanks for your great help, and also to commend you on just how interesting you make your programme. It is impossible turn off, we need to here it all. Thanks for your great teaching and manner.   H. O. Burlington (1995)

Congratulations on running a good radio show, except for the continual mechanical glitches at the station. Why doesn't Standard Broadcasting give you some of CFRB's equipment, it's wasted there. You had a caller who had problems with mosquitoes in the rain barrel. The easy solution is to cover the rain barrel with cheese cloth, 1-2 layers. It works for us in South Africa - No bugs at all            P. J. P. (May 1995)

I am a disabled senior, who loves gardening. Some years ago I won on your show "The Planters of the English Landscape Garden by Douglas D.C. Chambers. I thought I was dreaming when you announced my name! It was before I received the book that my health took a turn for the worse. But I kept thinking that there was no way I was going to die because you were sending me the book. I really think the prospect of receiving this precious book was what helped to keep me alive at that time! I had hoped to write (sooner) but postponed all these years. Many, many thanks Bruce!  M.B. Toronto (May 1998)

One of the better local garden shows is from 610 CKTB out of St Catharines Bruce Zimmerman answers questions with thoroughness and patience from out of a deep knowledge of local garden conditions and constraints. Every Saturday from 8am to 10am. Rexdale and Thisletown Reporter (September 2000)

I came upon your broadcast by accident. I regularly listen to a gardening program on the next radio dial over. However, I have found you to be particularly thorough and informative. D&N (September 2000)

I would like to say, thank you for all the wonderful gardening information you have imparted to us over the years.  Please keep up the great work you do Saturdays.  Saturday would not be the same without you. J. R. R. (June 2000 )

As one gardener to another, when are you going to have your gardening show on TV.?  That would be fantastic, you would be a great hit: Do it while I'm still around, time; is going fast I'm 85 already, but I can't stay out of my garden.  M. in Minden (Sept. 2000 )

Enjoy your garden show and your humor-What a nice service you give! W. M. C. Lewiston, NY USA (February 2001)

I listen to your show every Saturday morning, (you are the best).  I enjoy your show very much and learn a lot. A.D. Fergus, ( February, 2001)

Halleluiah! Left my radio on today and there you were! Thought I'd lost you! Your show certainly is a wonderful source of gardening information for all of us! Thank you for all the gardening "Know-How' you dispense to us gardening hopefuls!  P. B. Welland (March, 2001)

A beautiful site Bruce!  Just as informative as we have come to count on you for.  (One of my former College Students) C. E. K. June,2001

Bruce,  enjoyed listening to your show while we were in Buffalo NY, this fall. Wrote your web site down, and now am trying to see how you can help me here in Daytona Beach Fl. You do have a good show and we enjoyed it. Good luck, B. B. (October,2001)

Bruce, I spoke to you on air this morning, and then this afternoon I went to your web site to find your Christmas plant addition.  What a beautiful site.  I was just enthralled by the Bird and Butterfly section.  I imagine your daughters had something to do with Tweedie bird's appearance and the clip of Charlotte Diamond singing, "Inch by inch." It sure makes a lot of other web sites look pretty dull by comparison.  I have a friend who is just getting into gardening.  I will call her immediately to tell her about your site.  I have learned so much over the years listening to you talk to people.  And you have such respect for the people who call you.  You never put anyone down if they make a mistake.   
I hope CKTB keeps you on air for a long, long time. In Peterborough I get a lot of static, so I have to run around the house to find a place where my radio will pick you up clear.  Sometimes I think the weather may affect my reception. 
Once again, many thanks for the wonderful show. All the best to you and your family.  K. Peterborough (November,2002)

My husband and I are faithful listeners to your Saturday morning show. Some people would say we are "Zimmerman Evangelists". I have been known to speak to total strangers in garden centres  and suggest they listen to  Bruce Zimmerman or at the very least check out your website! The first time I saw my husband approaching me as I was "evangelizing" I was sure he was going to encourage me to leave my new recruits to fend for themselves. Instead he waited silently by my side and then very quietly reaffirmed my opinion of "the best garden expert on radio and likely the best in all of Ontario". D. K Streetsville (July 2003)

Bruce, Thanks very much for responding to my email. I am looking forward to seeing how this magic potion works! I'm in the north of Namibia - just on the edge of the Kalahari. So, although many different things will actually grow... the soil definitely needs support! I am not a great gardener or anything like that. But I have my students bringing me goat manure to me. I've dug a big hole in the back and hope the manure is brewing. It certainly gets hot enough. so I'll turn it a bit, make some " tea" and ... I'm off to the races! If I should happen to end up with a beanstalk that reaches to ... who knows where... I'll let you know. L. J.  (July 2003)

A tip of the gardening hat to the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medal winner Bruce Zimmerman for his contribution and support of the “Plant a Row – Grow a Row” program.
Bruce is best known to the Ontario green thumb brigade through his Open-Line Garden Show on 610 CKTB St. Catharines Saturday mornings. Listeners will find it incredible but upon being presented with the medal at a surprise ceremony, Bruce assures us he 
was struck “almost speechless.”  Wes Porter Hort Pro Magazine (October 2003)



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