This is only a few of the beautiful gardens we visited over the four years that I worked on the Hobby Garden Television Show as the Horticultural Consultant, Co Host and Presenter. It only looks exciting. As one of only three full time people who worked on the show it was a long and hard job.  When we went into editing I did not see the daylight, the work day was that long.  It was a great time and so were the people and gardens. Thank you, to all of you, specially to Robert Smith (Director/Producer) and Kris Stavroff (Associate Producer/Editor). We all had multiple responsiblies'. You can view this video clip of the Hobby Garden Hosts together one time. Here is Roland Barnsley, Dale Mullins, Ed Lawrence, Bruce Zimmerman, Brian Holley.
My first appearance on the Hobby Garden This was my fist time on camera.    
   It was decided that I would tape a segment on Annuals Selection and considering no one told me until 15 minutes before hand. It is pretty good. 
I was fortunate enough to be able to show a small amount of the late Henry Landis' garden and explain how Henri put it together. Henry Landis Garden of my dreams
Henri gathered plants from all over the world for his garden. In Zone 5 Henri could grow plants hardy to Zone 8.
 The Garden no longer exists.
Henry Landis Garden up close
Holland Non Stop Begonias Male and Female Non Stop Begonia Flowers
Two guys really enjoying this garden The Hobby Garden traveled to Holland to present the beauty of the Summer Flowering Bulbs. Above I am showing Brian Holley Non Stop Begonias
Calla Lilies not Canna Lilies Here Brian and I are discussing Calla Lilies at the C.N.E. Display Garden in Holland.
Inspiring Flower Arranging In the private Greenhouse of the Governor General,  Gord Saucier and Ed Lawrence demonstrate how they make all the flower arrangements for the Official Residences.
Garlic Flowers that do not smell When a Country celebrated it's birthday it was here that an arrangement was made for it's Embassy in Ottawa.
Here I and Brian tour the Spring display at the Royal Botanical Gardens' Rock Garden in Hamilton, Ontario. A bevy of ruby red Two Lips ( Red Emperor Tulips)
Class and Perfection in Plants This is the Temperate Greenhouse of the Governor General. 
Hardy Fuchsia The Governor Generals whenever possible love to have their private breakfasts in the greenhouse just behind us.
This is the Governor Generals Tropical Greenhouse.  It is used to grow foliage for the unique flower arrangements used throughout the Official Residences and Embassies. Tropical beauty in Ottawa
Tropical beauty in Ottawa Tropical beauty in Ottawa
I am showing Brian Holley how to select good quality Annuals for the home garden. Garden center plant sales area in May
Gov. Gen. Tropical Outdoor Garden Gov. Gen. Outdoor Tropical Garden
Gov. Gen. Perennial Border When we returned to the Governor Generals Residence in Ottawa, Ed Lawrence showed me the Container Plant Garden. 
All the Plants that are surrounding us are sunk in their pots into the ground for the summer. The G.G.'s Mixed Annual and Perennial Border is pictured to the left.
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