At 11:00 am August 12, 2003, Bruce Zimmerman received the Queen's Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medal for his 
contribution and support to the Canadian "Plant A Row - Grow A Row" program.  He had been nominated by the Canadian
Composting Council.  The medal along with a framed certificate signed by the Governor General Adrienne Clark was presented by Jim Bradley the St. Catharines Member of Provincial Parliament.
Jim Bradley also presented a framed certificate signed by himself which exemplies Bruce:

Bruce Zimmerman
Distinguished Recipient
Queen's Golden Jubilee
Commemorative Medal
August 12, 2003

Queen's Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medal

"I am delighted that your name was placed in nomination as a distinguished recipient of the Queen's Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medal in recognition of your service to our community and our country, and I am not at all surprised
that The Chancellory responded favourably to the nomination that was put forward by the Canadian Composting Council."

"During the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, you have contributed immensely to the betterment of the society in which you live and you have set a high standard of public service which represents a fine example for others to follow."

"Your fellow citizens are grateful to you for your years of dedication and commitment to the Plant A Row - Grow A Row Program and would join me, I am confident, in extending to you heartiest congratulations on receiving this honour."

"Those who choose to serve as you have do so not for the accolades and recognition that may be forthcoming from an appreciative public, but because of your desire to make a difference in the lives of others.  For this, the Commemorative Medal is an appropriate way of saying 'thank you' for sharing your time and talent."
Yours sincerely,
Jim Bradley, MPP
St. Catharines

This was such a shock. I did not know I had been nominated for this award. They also did not tell me I had been selected. My fellow workers at the radio station 610 CKTB knew and So did everyone at Rittenhouse. No one said a thing. As I was leaving the night before they told me to dress nicely tomorrow and that my family should show up at Rittenhouse at about 10:45 AM.
Until all the politicians and people showed up I was only mildly suspicious because everyone was at work was nicely dressed and the picnic tables instead of covered with cigarette butts had table cloths. Just one camera was present and only seven pictures where taken! I was stunned and almost speechless. Try working for the rest of the day!


Here are the pictures that where taken at the presentation. 


The Surprise is evident on my wife's face but the stunned look on my face is real !
Here I have seemingly recovered my composure.
Not a hope that took days.

Bruce and Jim Bradley

Medal Presentation With Jim Bradley Yes, it's real! 
I have it in my hand.

Someone pinch me!

I am thanking the Canadian Association of Food Banks'  representative Mary Heit

Marcy Heit Representing Canadian Food Banks
Shock  and Awe

I would like to thank Susan Antler
Tyrone Biljan and all the staff at the Compost Council of Canada and 
Plant A Row - Grow A Row of Canada
for nominating me and for their help.
It was not easy for me being a lone voice in the wilderness all those many years ago.

Hear what Standard Broadcasting's 610 CKTB said about the Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Commemorative Medal Recipient
Bruce Zimmerman

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