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The Rumor is that there is a new Hosta Book in the works by Mark Zilis


Hosta Handbook

A feature in this 3rd edition is the many quotes from a few perennial lovers including myself. 
e.g.. Heuchera (Coral Bells) ‘Chocolate Ruffles’ 
“The two-toned leaves create depth, shadow and, with even a light breeze, movement in your garden!” 
- Bruce Zimmerman, Zone 6
 Salvia (Perennial Salvia, Sage) argentea
“Coarse-textured; don’t even try to blend or soften this in-your-face plant. Use it as a focal point!” 
- Bruce Zimmerman
2003 Edition
Even Better Than the Old One

Perennial Gardening Guide
Perennial Gardening Guide For 2003

With 100 Best Plants for the Ontario Garden, veteran gardening columnist Steve Whysall  has collected a comprehensive list of good garden performers, complete with 100 photographs. These are plants that are easy to find and care for, look good not for one month, but for most of the year.

Best Plants Steve Whysall

Jumbo Book of Gardening
Written by Karyn Morris
Illustrated by Jane Kurisu

Finally a good Canadian children's gardening book
The complete organic guide for every budding gardener.

Jumbo Book Of Kids Gardening

Great step by step pictures & good plant information. 


Good step by step pictures. Covers ground covers as well as turf grasses. Good information on controlling weeds & repairing dead spots. A good plant list & where they will grow.


I will be adding this book to my library. Includes knowing when to pick your harvest & good vegetable profiles. Good information on storage.


Good plant list. Step by step pictures & good solid information on spacing, planting, & care

Black Decker Annuals

Numerous flaws in the plant list & their pictures.

Black Decker Shade

These Bahco PX and PXR Pruners will not be available until Fall 2001. 
Don’t buy another pruner until you can get one of these custom fitted to your hand.    Bruce

Bahco Px Pruners

This encyclopedia describes the best woody plants, from Abeliophyllum to Zenobia, adapted to cooler climates, showing both habit and details-- flower, fruit, bark, or fall colour--of more than 500 species, and including some 700 additional cultivars and varieties.  With more than 1,600 colour photographs, it is a wonderful book.

Dirr's-Hardy Trees & Shrubs
You will find classic favorites such as dahlias, irises, and phlox, as well as plants like Aruncus ‘Southern White’ that are so new their names haven’t been finalized yet.  Armitage has compiled a series of lists of “Selected Plants for Specific Characteristics or Purposes.” The lists will help you find the best choices for cut flowers, drought tolerance, flower colours, fragrance, ground covers, foliage or fruits, flowering season, winter interest, vines, and wet or boggy places.  
Armitage's Garden Perennial
Armitage has compiled descriptions and assessments of 245 genera of annuals, biennials and half-hardy perennials.  Allan liberally sprinkles entries with strong and sometimes amusing opinions about the plants. 
Armitage's Annuals Biennial
Encyclopedia of Clematis  both in its comprehensive scope and its detailed coverage of each variety listed.  A practical style as to be easily digestible for the avid gardener while remaining relevant for the nursery professional or amateur grower.  The informative individual plant listings have suggestions for using it in the garden, cultivation and care, pruning practices, propagation and hybridization, pests and diseases.
Clematis Book
Fiskars Super D Handle
Fiskars Digging Shovel
Fiskars new Garden Tool Line has been design to reflect the way gardeners use the tool. The shafts are tear-shaped to fit your hand. The Double Width D Handle so you can use two hands at once. The Step is wider making it easier on your instep and has a better grip. The handle shaft is padded.
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