On Saturday May 1st 2004 Members of the Ontario Geocaching Association and their families came together with other Geocachers from New York State, Michigan , Pennsylvania and Maine. Some one hundred and fifty people gathered on a cloudy rain threatening day to walk the Cave Spring Conservation Area. The Cave Spring Conservation Area is privately owned by Margaret Reed and is by invitation or appointment only. The entrance fee was a food donation to the Salvation Army Food Bank or a donation to Margaret Reed's Carolinian Forest Restoration Fund. I have never seen so many GPS units and digital cameras in my life. At 2 PM we were divided into groups and we were off. We enjoyed going into the Ice Cave, the German Spy Hole and we saw lots of wild flowers. There was Trout Lillies (Erythronium americanum), White Trilliums (Trillium grandiflorum), Red Trilliums (Trillium undulatum), Native Ferns, Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum biflorum)  and Bellwort ( Uvularia perfoliata). Here are some of the pictures of the day.

Margaret Reed gives us an introduction and history of 
Cave Springs Conservation Area
Margaret Reed with Tae Kwon Dude, L1 Lugnuts Team, The Blue Quasar, New York Cacher, Nozzletime (without Smudge), Res2100, Junior Cacher and the food Donations

Margaret Reed leads one 
group past the barn which
 was the original homestead.

Along the Trail

Indian Head Carving in the limestone rock


Entrance to the Ice Cave and Logger, Teacup, and Canadian seem to be cautiously hanging back.
This is ice inside the cave. It is too warm any where else for it to exist. You could feel the change in temperature even at the cave entrance.
This is ice inside the cave. It is too warm any where else for it to exist. You could feel the change in temperature even at the cave entrance.
One group at the beginning of the Carolinian Plant Tour. We saw : 
Paw Paw (Asimina triloba), 
Sequoia (S. sempervirens), Metasequoia
Redbud (Cercis canadensis), Cucumber Magnolia (Magnolia acuminata) and many more plants
Pictures of us at the German Spy Hole
Amazon Annie at the entrance to the German Spy Hole . No she did not get stuck and create the very Long Line Up.
The view from above by the successful Cachers who made it through.
This the exit from the German Spy Hole. 
Just a bit of a tight fit.
In The Woods
The View From the Edge was Spectacular. There was so many of us you can see the all the car parked along the road.
This is a small corner of Paradise we live in called the Niagara Peninsula and 
The Blue Quasar with our Hosts.  

We all Thank You for your efforts to protect this area and allowing us to come and experience it.

Afterwards we went into Beamsville and took over a Restaurant for dinner. Many of the Geocachers went caching that night in the dark. Remember the Geocachers motto "All Those Who Wander Are Not Lost". The next time you go down to the woods to see the Teddy Bear's Picnic you just may see some Geocachers with  GPS units looking for a hidden cache. They will be the ones not hurting the environment and picking up others garbage. 
CITO (Cache In Trash Out)
CITO (Cache In Trash Out) was held April 17, 2004. Thirty Geocachers gathered to clean up Rockway Conservation Area. They carried out a motorcycle engine, men's underwear and a full pickup truck of garbage. They then moved to Centennial Park where they found hypodermic needles, a toilet, and another pickup truck of garbage. The difference was that this did not even come close to getting all the garbage in Centennial Park. Please do not litter!
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